Sunday, March 22, 2009

I can still do it?

A cousin-in-law is preparing for his retirement and started giving away some of his "worldly" possesssions. I was so happy when he offered me his electric keyboard. I haven't played any piano piece since I got married so instead of getting it for myself, I was really thinking of Jacob since he is now taking piano lessons.
After cleaning the keyboard I tried tinkering with the keys and thought I could still play simple pieces if I practiced. The very first, and only piece, I memorized to play was Love and Devotion (opus 52) by Louis Drumheller. (Does that sound very very ancient to you?) But when I tried it all that I could remember was the first part and only for the right hand. I searched for a piano sheet I could download but failed. So I went to eBay and was so excited to find someone from Canada with one for sale. I received the piece on Thursday and started practicing right away hoping my neighbors won't bang on our walls.
I can still play it, only much slower than I used to. I feel great knowing I still can do it!

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Heart of Rachel said...

Glad you found the piece you want. Enjoy playing beautiful music.