Sunday, March 01, 2009

Green Means GO

Picking up my eldest grandson from school is always a learning treat for me. There was that time when I was in a hurry for another appointment when I was caught with a red light halfway through the intersection. Guess what my grandson warned me of: "Grannie, you tried to beat the red light. That was dangerous. Didn't you know you have to slow down on yellow light then wait and go ahead on green light?" Was my face red! I wanted to reason out but I was embarrassed and afraid I would utter the wrong words. On still another trip, he lectured me on how I should dispose of our old newspapers and bottles because, in his own words: "We need to recyle, Grannie." If a six-year-old boy believes that there are ways of making this earth safer, who am I to contradict him?
Every year, at about this time when there is no more threat of morning frosts, my hubby starts planning on what he can plant. He had been collecting left-over vegetable/fruit cuttings for his compost believing that if he goes organic it will be safer for his grandkids. He knows I love tomatoes so getting an organic tomato growing kit will make his tomato planting easier. There are quite a number of organic gardening products that will ensure a better tomorrow for our young. I am sure hubby will be excited to receive such products on his coming birthday.
For me and my grandson, I will get those organic bug control or pantry pest traps, so nothing will spoil the ingredients for our baking projects.
Let's go now. It just turned green!

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Heart of Rachel said...

I like organic products because they are not harmful to our environment. I hope that more companies will consider making environmental friendly products.