Friday, March 27, 2009

Vrooooom, vroooooommmm.......

Does that make you turn your head? No, not that girl in bikini. That sound. Yes, the vrooooommmm vroooom sound of that small car that proudly displays a turbo charger gleaming just below its trunk.
I don't know about you but a car that sounds like a turbo is charging it will always get my vote. For me it makes the car proud, brave, in charge. It adds character to the car, too, making it less boring. Just an hour ago, I borrowed hubby's car and when I stepped on the gas, I had to really step hard on the accelerator because it wouldn't move forward as fast as I wanted it to. If it had a turbo charger I know it would go from 0 to 65 mph in a second. I may be out of the now generation's range, but I still consider speed as in. If you want your car to charge, no pun intended, give a visit and decide for yourself. You might even be glad you did.
Have fun. Stay young.

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