Monday, May 05, 2008


Our youngest, Jet, (Jonathan) is already 30 years old today.
I can still remember vividly.
Symptoms were telling me I was pregnant. I wanted to make sure so hubby and I went to a doctor friend who was working at Kano General Hospital at the time. He ordered a frog test. (Yes, you're reading it right - a frog test!) After five days the result came - negative. Friends assured me that the same thing happened to them due to body acclimation. While I wanted to agree with them, my instinct was telling me otherwise. Then I felt him move.

Hubby had a very good friend named Jonathan, and I liked the sound of it, so the name. I gave him the nickname Jet because I had to travel by air to make sure the doctor who helped me with my first two boys would help me again.

Now, our baby Jet has his own baby - Matthew - and he and his wife, Sarah, are waiting for another one come June.
Happy birthday, our dear Jet. We wish you many, many, more birthdays ahead.


Napaboaniya said...

Princess :) Thanks for your birthday wishes!

Happy belated birthday to Jet too!
Congratulations on your new grandkid's arrival soon too :P

Heart of Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to Jet! Wishing him the best of health.

Wow, another baby in June. How exciting!

mckolit said...

Time flies...I'm already 30! I love my mommy. Jet