Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Skateboard Bedding

Skateboarding amazes me. How one could glide so fast and with great skills and ease using only a narrow piece of wood with equally narrow wheels over rails and pavements is beyond me. Although hubby and I were blessed with three boys, I never really saw them use skateboard the way my neighbors' sons use theirs. But it doesn't mean my sons are not fans of such "inventions". They were and still are. They have blankets printed with either their favorite cartoon characters or yes, you guessed it, cars or skateboards. Before they went to sleep, they would stand on their beds and pretend they were either driving or skateboarding complete with their bended knees and widely stretched arms. Today, children will enjoy owning and sleeping under skateboard bedding from VisionBedding. A selection of photographic designs are transferred on bedding fabrics that will make any child feel he is riding the "real thing". He can have a choice from the different skateboarding themes, colors and styles. Does he want the design on both sides of his blanket? He can. How about his picture doing a skateboard flip on his comforter. He can order that, too. A set of blanket, comforter, shams and pillows printed with all the skateboarding themes and designs a child owns will be real real cool to own!

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