Monday, May 19, 2008

Ready to Lock It In?

Who wouldn't want an extra money nowadays? With the price of gas sky-rocketing, and there's pun intended here, cost of everything soars as high as well. Our life-style have changed dramatically. Every cent now counts. Every penny has a place. And each of the statement is scrutinized for how that extra amount that had been deducted or added happened.
With the evolution of the internet, on-line banking is fast becoming a trend. You can open up a high yielding savings account, a checking account or a certificate of deposit account. There is a personal finance site where you can see a comparison between how each bank ranks in how they offer interest rates. This site tracks down the best interest rates available to consumers when if they will prefer to open a savings, checking and/or money market accounts. For those who feel more at ease with a visual comparison, it also charts the latest CD rates among the different popular and union banks enabling you to decide whether to lock in your your rate or wait. It is navigation friendly, not just computer-wise but in giving customers to see how other customers find it as a source of banking information.

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