Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lullaby in Comfort

"Mommy, guess what. You will soon be a grandma."
In my excitement, I dropped everything I was holding (I just arrived from work) to kiss and hug my son and my daughter-in-law. It was quite hot that day and I felt even hotter.
My very first grandchild! Wow, somebody will start calling me Grandma, or, maybe Grannie? Then, suddenly I thought: Where will the baby sleep? Well, he, or she, can sleep with his, or her, parents in their king size bed, but for how long? I better start looking for some Kids Bedroom furniture. I started reading on what qualities to look for in a child's crib. I will much prefer Wooden Childrens Furniture. The wooden material must be of the best kind. Smooth and must not be finished with materials that may harm my grandchild, big enough so the baby can move without hurting his head, or arms, or legs and can hold all his/her favorite toys. It must also be stable so it can be moved around without any part getting loose and should be able to last until the next baby comes.
And, yes, he will need a high chair, too, so he can eat with us.
My thought even went as far as planning on buying the child a Kids Desk so he, or she, will have a place to read and write when my son woke me from my reverie.

"And mom, we just placed an order for a crib. It will arrive in five days."

P.S. Jacob is now almost six and his brother, Joshua, three. And they are enjoying their bunk beds.

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