Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yumminess At Your Fingertips

Have you ever longed for a dish only to find out that the recipe is nowhere to find? Yes, you can try going to a favorite restaurant or cafe, but you would still prefer your own cooking, or your hubby's. Why? You can't explain it but that's how you would prefer it. Well, just a while ago I signed up with and voila! one of my Simple Recipes started dancing in front of me.


An appetizer that will keep you asking for more

See Guacamole on Key Ingredient.

Publishing my first simple recipe was simply clicking my fingers one-two-three! Navigation is very easy, well, for me who is a neophyte when it comes to compu-tech, and direct to the point, I mean, when you point your mouse and click on it, you're where you want to be as if by magic, like searching for recipes in a particular category or use of specific ingredient. And don't you love that sharp beautiful picture that accompanies each recipe? That's, for sure, what my students would call: "AWESOME"!!!

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