Monday, May 12, 2008

Post Mother's Day

Yesterday was a very busy day.
Received a bouquet of roses from Kirby as he arrived from work. Then, hubby said he was going to get something for breakfast but instead came with a dozen of peach roses. He even apologized because the color he requested wasn't available. Lester and Rachel invited us for lunch at their place. I got so full I dozed off while watching Lakers got beaten by the Jazz. (Don't worry Kobe, there are three more games ahead of you).

We had barely reached home when Patrick called to say that since they were not able to join us at his Kuya's due to extended church activities, he and Mylynn would like to treat me and Mylynn's mom to a Chinese dinner. Jet and Sarah would be joining us, too.
With the dinner were two more vases of lovely flowers plus a long stemmed carnation each from Jacob, Joshua and Matthew - just the right ending to a hectic but happy and fulfilling day.

How did you spend your special day?


Things That Go Bump said...

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Heart of Rachel said...

I'm happy that you had a very special Mother's Day spent with dear ones.

Wow, so many beautiful flowers. A reminder of how much your are loved by many.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day celebration with my parents and my own family. We had a lovely lunch and spent most of the day visiting family and friends.

Princess said...

Good for you, Rachel. When are your parents coming back to US? Hindi ka ba sasama?
Hugs and kisses to your machos.