Thursday, May 15, 2008

Plating Skills

Today, I gave my students (divided in groups) a tray with pork, cloves of garlic and a quarter of an onion. Additional instruction was for them to use at least three Asian sauces, plus vinegar and ground pepper. For evaluation they have to plate their dish using sauce as part of the garnish.
These are some of the results.

For extra credit, groups were to record the amount of ingredients they actually used and to write the recipe for their creation.


Annamanila said...

I should enrol in your course (pwede ba ang mga nagse-second childhood? - haha). It's never too late to learn fine plating, ha.

Princess said...

Well, Anna, my teaching is an extension of my second childhood dream so you are very welcome to join me in learning more new things.

julie said...

Tita P. I could definitely learn a lot from you about plating.

Actually, I think its my first time to encounter the term, hehehe.

Princess said...

I had my first time about that term, too, Julie. I had an AHA moment with it afterwards.