Monday, May 26, 2008

Friendship and Three-Day-Weekend

Just like any three-day weekend, I had been looking forward to this weekend. Three days. I can finish so much within those three days including remembering those who fought so that we may be free. See my previous post. What else have I done and finished? Let me see.
Friday evening I created a new blog exclusively for my recipes. I was able to start with the Chicken Chasseur. Saturday, I took Fe and Gloria to lunch at Glendale. Gloria suggested the place, an extension of the old Galleria, which just opened. The architectural lay-out is patterned after the Grove in Fairfax and Third by the Farmers' Market. We even enjoyed the dancing water fountain at the Main Street. Neat. Then we took Fe on a tour along Rodeo Dr. {after all she is new in LA} after which we cruised along Wilshire and Santa Monica Blvds. towards Los Angeles to meet the Hipols for our post Mother's Day celebration at Water Grill on Grand Ave. Every year, around Mother's Day weekend, Manang Purita, her two daughters Myrna and Marie, Gloria and myself get together to catch up on news and tidbits. We chose the mother's day weekend so we have a legitimate excuse to leave our hubbys behind. But this year, we were all so busy on MD that we had to postpone getting together for this weekend.
The place was very elegant high ceilinged and all. The Chef in charge of us explained all the intricacies of each dish on the menu we somehow got lost halfway through. Service was impeccable. The menu we all found very interesting, the place being known for its seafood offerings. We all had great fun guessing how chimichurri would look like and how foie gras really tasted and where barramundi really is from.
Although the dessert were very tempting, we declined. Instead we went to a Jollibee joint so we could have tall glasses of Special Halo-Halo and where Myrna, with her scientific mind, enlightened us, with facts and data, that husbands are better off with plumpier wives.
After our bye-byes, I took Fe back to Tustin.
When I got home, I couldn't go to sleep so I watched some AI moments on YouTube. Finally dozed off by 1:30 am.

Yesterday I caught up with my computering(?), and today will be working on my students' grades plus dusting some corners, whenever I feel the urge.

Update: 4:00 pm
Instead of dusting, laundered instead. Suddenly remembered that we haven't emptied our laundry basket for ten days! As I bent to empty the dryer from lints, I noticed that the garage door needed some sweeping so swept I did. I've just finished folding - the step I like the least about washing clothes! Wow, can't believe I did all that!!! I better give myself a pat on my back.


Heart of Rachel said...

Sounds like a great day well spent. Great food, wonderful company and chores completed in one day. That's one fine day.

Heart of Rachel said...

Congrats on your new blog. Great source for new recipes. I'm sure Jules will be very interested.