Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful that HE gave me the strength to reach home safely.

.......I am thankful for the students who were so genuinely concerned they assured me that they will do their best until I come back.
.......I am thankful for the lady who holds the keys to the gate. She was there just as I was about to call for someone to open the gate for me.
.......I am thankful for the very light traffic as if HE directed the cars to the sides so I could pass through easily and smoothly.
.......I am thankful for the sub(s) who are handling my classes even as I am typing this.
.......I am thankful for giving me this inner feeling that tomorrow everything will be OK so Oscar can compete without any hitch.
.......I am thankful for a friend who called to make sure I got home and that I was alright.

I wasn't feeling right. There was this unexplainable discomfort in my tummy which I started feeling since yesterday. I was feeling queasy and light headed. I called the office to please send a sub for me. No questions asked. I just had to wait till a quarter of the 2nd period before the sub arrived.
I thought it was just anxiousness because tomorrow will be the final competition for Oscar and he hadn't arrived for the last minute instructions. After all, I've already requested all his teachers to excuse him for the day. Then, he came smiling with his usual excuse: had to take his mom to oh, everywhere! I thought I would feel better, after all he's already come, but didn't, so decided to call the day off, but not after I've given instructions to him that he better be in school by 7:00 am at the latest or he would go to Santa Monica by himself.
Hubby wasn't home when I arrived. I remember I requested him to buy ingredients for the stock and glace that I still have to prepare for Oscar' sauce. Thought I was hungry so made myself a toast with chocolate spread. Had a glass of water and laid down for a few minutes. Although I am feeling better now, I am still not sure if I would be OK to accompany Oscar to the competition site.

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Denise said...

Saying a prayer for you.

Jennifer in OR said...

Thanking God with you for your safety. He cares for us! Blessings to you,

sharon said...

Hope you are feeling better. Loved your list.

Princess said...

Thanks Denise, Jennifer and Sharon for your prayers and concerns. I am feeling much better now than I did this morning.

Heart of Rachel said...

I read your comment above and I'm glad that you're feeling much better. Hope you make it to Oscar's competition. Take care.