Sunday, February 24, 2008

Of Clocks and Time

Clocks fascinate me.
As soon as I enter a house, or an office, the first thing I look for is the presence of a clock. If there is one then I am convinced that whoever uses or owns the room, or office, is time-conscious enough not to let any customer or visitor waiting.
I always dream of owning a Grandfather clock. My house is, I think, rather small for one, so it still remains a dream. But I am not giving up hope.
I also consider clocks as integral part of any room decor. Either it builds up or spoils the intended ambiance of a place.
There is a place called Clocks Blog where one can read about clocks of all shapes, sizes, style and age. My favorite article, so far, is where customers are made aware of the fact that the market is becoming more and more saturated with clocks that are imported and are made from cheap materials. For me clocks, whether it be wall clocks or mantle clocks, should be able to last beyond one's lifetime.
My husband and I bought a wall clock that plays music to announce the hour. It gives us a thrill whenever our grandkids are around because they will automatically stop whatever they are doing and start dancing each time the hour is announced.
Until they get their own clocks, I really don't mind my musical clock taking the place of my dream clock.

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