Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cruisin' in Color

I am always amazed by my country men's ingenuity.
They can find happiness in the simplest thing. If they can not own what they have been dreaming of, that should not pose a problem. If they can not have a Cadillac, ( my generation's dream car way back when) all that they need are great imagination with colors, luck with left-over leather materials, a working motor and voila, an elegant looking tricycle!
They don't even have to worry about air-conditioning. They have the fresh breeze to caress their whole being. Doesn't this picture say: "Hop in, let's start cruisin' around the Philippines sideways!" ?
((This photo was taken somewhere in Pangasinan when I was visiting my homeland in summer, '07))

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ellenheartbeats said...

hello princess!...nice tricycle...look like a futuristic one...
have agreat week ahead my friend...and thanks for dropping by to "deep down the heart"

hope you can come back to look for my weekend snapshot...see yah