Friday, February 08, 2008

Dion (Boy) Garcia

Tomorrow we will say goodbye to another friend, Dion, who we fondly called Boy. Boy was one of those friends we met during our sojourn in Nigeria. He and his wife, Cita, didn't stop keeping in touch with us even after they've left Africa. He was the first one who contacted us the first time we arrived in America. He was a very thoughtful and loyal friend.

Dion was an architect by profession and the artistic gene in him showed in his paintings that adorn his home, a perfect compliment to his wife's love for plants. He loved music and was dexterous on the keyboards, proof of which was his commitment to several church choirs. He was a community man.

Best of all, he was a doting grandfather, a loving and caring husband/father to his wife and four children.

Boy, you will be terribly missed.

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Heart of Rachel said...

It's always sad to loose someone dear to you. Condolences to your friend's family.