Thursday, February 28, 2008

Claim It

You love your job so much you don't want to miss an hour, more so, a day. You don't complain about anything. All that you want is to do your job, efficiently, honestly. Then, all of a sudden you felt pain you couldn't even pin-point at which part of your body it was coming from. You didn't mind it. Just shoved your feeling over your shoulder. After a week, the pain was becoming unbearable you had no choice but to see a doctor. Oh, how you hated to ask to be excused from work because you very well know that you are the only one who would finish everything anyway, and if you wouldn't come to work for a day, the work will simply pile up. And who will work harder? You! But you couldn't stand the pain anymore. You had to stop whatever you were doing every 10 minutes or so because of the excruciating pain. And your resting time gets longer and longer. With a heavy heart, you went to see a doctor. The diagnose? Carpal tunnel syndrome. Because you've been ignoring it for a long time, you were told that there is no other solution but for you to undergo a surgery. You almost fainted. What were you to do? Where will the money that you need for rent and food come from?
For personal injury that is work related, one can legally file a claim for compensation. It is one's right. It is not your fault that you got injured. Injury stemmed from the repetitive motion which is the nature of your work. Don't know how to go about filing a claim?
The very first thing one needs to do is to consult with notable legal services that specialize in injury claims. Keypoint Legal Services, for one, can help you go through the steps of filing a claim. It is a law firm with specialists that will always act towards your best interest. Another thing that the firm assures its clients: No Win No Fee.
Don't suffer in silence. Claim it!

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