Friday, February 01, 2008

Sling and Sing

It is very often one sees mothers with little kids fumble as they try to open the doors to, say, clinics, or establishments where one has to either pull or push doors. Don't you wish you have something to give those mothers so their their hands will be free even as they hold their little angels?
Well, worry no more. Introduce them to baby slings. These are slings that moms can pull over one shoulder and under another so they can carry their kids pouch style. That is what I call real mother-child bonding. Such baby slings are made from strong, elastic cotton blend fabrics, with attractive designs and colors that, when worn, look more like accessories rather than, well, slings. Instructions or illustrations on how to wear the sling in myriad different ways are available. And they come in different sizes, too.
So, moms, go to and be comfortable. Then, you can sing.

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