Monday, February 18, 2008

Jacob and Joshua - inventors

Children are the most innovative and creative. When ever Jacob and Joshua come for a visit, like last Saturday, they right away head for their toys that are kept in a trunk and in a wicker basket. Since Christmas, I've removed the center table because I wanted them to have more space in our living room, where they romp and watch their favorite TV shows. Last Saturday, they discovered two empty boxes - a big box and a small box. At first, they used the boxes as sleds. Then, Jacob started using his as a bench, or chair (?) and Joshua followed with his. They discovered they were comfy and fitted them perfectly. And as a fairy tale would end: they watched their show happily ever after.


Heart of Rachel said...

I admire Jacob and Joshua's ingenuity and imagination.

princess said...

Someone said if you want to know what true happiness is look at a happy child. They don't need much to be truly happy, do they?