Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Backup, Manage and Share

Vault is defined as a room or container for valuables. I consider my files and pictures my valuables. Since I keep my files and photos in my computer, I consider my computer my vault. Does that make sense?
Whenever I take pictures I can't wait to upload those photos to my computer so I could share them with my friends and relatives. I also keep files and files of triviata. Lately, though, I noticed that downloading and uploading my pictures take longer and longer. Also, the program I am using does not show the pictures properly while on the slide mode. Two things that drive me crazy sometimes. It also tends to crop the picture unattractively. And most of all, some pictures don't even show!
Then today, I saw this site - where your photos and files can be automatically backed up, (depending on the storage space you select), managed and shared. The amount of online storage ranges from 1GB to 50GB. Now that will surely hold a lot of pictures and files, would you agree? Signing up is as easy as 1-2-3. Also, it offers the option of opening with a free account (1GB and 5GB) and then upgrade to 50GB later on.
Ain't that a good deal?

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