Friday, February 08, 2008

Smooth skin, a dream no more

Every time the season changes, so does my skin. In Winter, it is dry, flaky, itchy. During summer time it gets oily but rough and gets easily bruised.
One day, as I was driving, my good friend, Gloria, who was in front with me, suddenly blurted: "What happened to your skin? Your hands look like they're a century old!" If you knew my friend you'd learn that she doesn't mince words. She says what she wants to say whenever and wherever. Then she ordered me to stop the car. Before I could ask her why, she was already practically dragging me to a warehouse store that we often visit.
We went direct to the skin care area and she introduced me to Cetaphil. From then on I never used anything else to moisturize my skin. I use it on my hands, arms, neck, legs - anywhere my hands can reach. After a week, I noticed I lost some of the wrinkles and dryness in my hands and the callous around my heels. And friends start noticing the crows' feet shallowing in around my eyes. I've been on it for more than three years now and I have no plans of stopping.
Moisturizer is just one of the many cetaphil skin care products that I have tried. I've found out that soap bars are now available. Those will be good for my feet and elbows. I better pay my favorite warehouse store a visit soon.
I feel my nape itching because of the sweaters I've been wearing lately. Time for that Cetaphil rub again with an added bonus - no strong vaporrub scent and no oily shine.

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ellen_heartbeats said...

cetaphil makes the skin looks radiant too,...I tried such product once....
hello princess thanks for dropping by to my site...yeah right...THat banca is so deep...I do not know the reason why...I will ask my father-in-law regarding that matter. Take Care poh!