Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How People Change

She used to wear her hair in a pony tail or in a bun. Then I knew there is something I couldn't point my finger in. Then it hit me. She now wears her hair a la Rachel of Friends. I thought she looks great in her new hair-do.

It was the first time I saw her and I knew she was a newbie in school. She would smile and would greet me jovially. Then she joined a committee. I noticed that she is now chatty with other teachers. I also noticed that even when we pass by each other along the hallway, she doesn't even cast me a glance.

He started eating lunch with us but because it was the other teachers he really knew, we seldom talked. Then it was just him and me during lunch. He started filling me in into what's happening between him and his girl or should I say, girls. And he's very generous with his suggestions and help whenever I needed some. He now considers me a friend.
Ain't that sweet?

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