Friday, February 15, 2008

Jacob's logic, again...

This will be a busy day.
After I picked Jacob from his school, I went straight to get Joshua from their place so the three of us could go straight to my place. (Their parents will be attending a dinner function till midnight). I decided to ask Jacob to move to the other side of the van so he could sit where the sun wouldn't hit him. When hit by the sun rays he starts scratching and I wanted to avoid that. Well, he moved allright, but not without a scene. Halfway thru our trip he asked why we weren't on the street where McDonald's was. I told him we were not getting any fries because he hasn't been a good boy.
His remark? "That's not fair, Grannie. I like fries!" folding his arms akimbo, his trademark pose.
How can I make my grandson understand that through his sense of unfairness will he grasp the meaning of fairness?

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Heart of Rachel said...

Oh, kids these days are quite the same. Yohan folds his arms across his chest too whenever he wants to show his disagreement.