Friday, February 22, 2008

I Miss You

I was excited to get home. I was thinking of the hours I could spend in front of my computer with nothing to worry about. I was free as a lark. I had no more classes to think of for the morrow or for the coming week. No more worry about not waking up on time. Intersession was over!
My favorite lane was empty. Getting home was a breeze.
Then the bomb fell.
"Was there any call?" Had to ask hubby. In my excitement, I forgot my cellphone on the dining table.
"Yes. from Patrick. You have to pick Jacob from school."
"What else is new!" I was talking to myself. "Let me check my mails first."
"Oh, before I forget, the computer is down. According to Kirby, no internet connection," said hubby.

That was some 23 hours ago, which seemed like an eon if you count it by computer time, after I called the tech people.


first50 said...

Golly, I can identify with this. My email was down for about 48 hours over Christmas. Drove me crazy!

Heart of Rachel said...

I remember a time when my Internet was down for 3 days. It felt like an eternity.

princess said...

What will we do without our computers? I am thinking of backing up everything!!!
Thanks for your visits.