Friday, February 22, 2008

I love Love Letters

I still remember those love letters.
They were written hastily on pages torn from a notebook. Before our first bell would ring, he would borrow my algebra book and every time he returned it there would be a note or two inserted between pages. His words were very simple and direct but to my young romantic heart they were enough to keep my heart go thump-a-thump-thump as if it was a basketball being dribbled on a shiny wooden floor!

Then I went to college where I met my future husband. Because we couldn't see each other everyday, he made it a point to write me a letter for each day of the week. Then those letters, written on pink linen paper, were tied with a satin ribbon, and given to me in a whole bunch every weekend. He would patiently watch me as I read each one silently. Then, without a word, he would take my hand and we would just look at each other dreamily. This often happened inside a public bus on our way to the Sunday Mass.
I still carry those moments in my heart. And I still get goose pimples every time I remember.

With the advent of the internet, romance tips are at one's fingertips. No one should be caught unprepared when it comes to ideas on how to woo a loved one.

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