Sunday, March 02, 2008

We Did It, So Can You

The place was beautiful. The house needed some updating. We were happy. It would be our very own. Our very own home in America. We signed on the dotted lines.
A week before we moved in my husband received notice that his hours at work would be lessened. We started calculating. Ah, no problem. We'd just cut on some expenses and we would be OK. Then a day before moving in, my supervisor told me that the school was sizing down on personnel. It so happened I was the last one hired.
I didn't see any problem. I thought it would be easy to find another job. How wrong I was.
Hubby and I tried to connect with different agencies. We would be hired for some days, then on other days, we're on vacation. The first two months were OK. We were busy working on our new abode - fixing shelves, planting new shrubs, changing counters. But as hard as we tried, regular job wouldn't come our way. And worst of all, we were cutting deeper and deeper into our savings. I felt we were really in big trouble when my eldest son's graduation from high school came. My husband's relatives from Seattle came to join us celebrate but I was so embarrassed because we couldn't even afford to take them out - even to the cheapest fast food restaurant. Friends had to help us out with a potluck party.
Creditors started calling. I was in a panic mode everyday. I was just so thankful, even to this day, that I didn't lose my mind. A credit counseling agency helped us fix the situation.
If you are caught in the same situation, try consulting with IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) manned by people who can help you clear your debts. You can get help on how to analyze your credit situation and how to consolidate your debts. And you can do it all online.
Avoid going deeper. Rise up.

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