Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dream dreams

As far as I can remember, coming to America is one of my very first dreams.
I grew up fantasizing about America. I would use as a pillow a Sears catalog that one of my uncles always brought home from the city hoping that my dream would be a reality when I woke up. I would look at pictures of houses complete with furnishings and pretended I was in there entertaining friends.
I never outgrew that dream. As soon as I arrived in America, my husband and I looked for jobs right away so we could realize that dream. Dreams don't seem to have any ending. Now we have another - where to retire.
Living in a wooded coastal area can be a healthy choice. New Bern NC real estate in the State of North Carolina, offers a progressive community that is ideal for raising a family or entertaining vacationists as well as keeping and caring for retirees. It also offers numerable choices of homes, condominiums and towne homes, both in traditional and contemporary designs. Each community is fitted with facilities to satisfy everyone's needs: either socially, physically or emotionally. Besides, you can commune with nature anytime. Comparing with other cities with comparable amenities, their prices are affordable.
Come on, pay it a visit. You might even fulfill another dream.

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