Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ed

Ed's birthday is tomorrow, St. Patrick's day. But because it will be a work day we held the party for him yesterday. It was a truly fun day. The climax of the celebration was watching Manny Pacquiao win the Boxing Super Featherweight title. Our house was filled to the rafters, figuratively and literally speaking.
A group were in the living room to watch the fight on HD while another group were in the kitchen watching from the old mini-TV. I kidded them that the rate in the living room is $100.00 and in the kitchen $1.00. You could just imagine the decibels of their shouts each time Pacquiao landed a punch. Children were covering their ears each time.
But the highlight of the whole affair was the Passion reading initiated by our friends Andy and Gloria. They, together with Fina, Ate Lily and Mareng Dely, started singing the Passion of Christ and Ed and I have the responsibility to finish the book until Good Friday. The group also decided that we will start a yearly tradition with families taking turn in hosting the reading.
Holy Week has started.


Heart of Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to Tito Ed! I wish him happiness and best of health.

Wow, that looks like a big celebration. It seems Pacquiao became one of the highlights of the day. We watched it here too.

I think it's wonderful that you have kept the tradition of Passion reading alive.

Heart of Rachel said...

BTW, if you have time and in need of in-between posts :), please check out my other blog for another tag.

Take care!