Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Insure to Ensure Safety

My husband and I have several experiences related to insurance.
While he was driving along a side street, someone coming from a driveway backed up on him deeply denting the side of our car. He got down and talked to the other driver. They exchanged numbers, addresses and went their separate ways. He gave the data to our insurance agent only to be told that the data he got from the other driver were non-existent. They were all fake. We ended up paying for everything because our co-payment was more than the amount needed to cover the actual damage. We were just too happy we were not hurt.
Four years later, we were again involved in an accident where we had to undergo some medical treatment. While we were not seriously hurt, undergoing medical treatment was necessary to strengthen our claim. We learned later that we could have received more money based on the damages had we used the facilities that our insurance company had suggested for the medical treatment we needed.
I am quite satisfied with our latest car insurance. After comparing the amount of insurance premium we're paying with the amount that some of our friends pay for theirs, I find ours to be very reasonable. Our insurance agent is very accessible and well educated about his trade. He is always ready with answers that we can readily understand when ever we need some questions answered. He is also very open with suggestions on how and where we can save if we wanted some extra items included in our coverage.
As I drive along the freeway going to and from work everyday, I couldn't help but notice the increase of motorcycles zooming by me. I wonder if the driver, or should I say, racer, carries a sufficient Motorcycle Insurance just in case.

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