Sunday, March 09, 2008


After posting my disappointment, I decided to try posting Jacob's pictures one more time. Instead of uploading three pictures all at once, this time I tried uploading the pictures one by one.
As I keep telling my students: "There is no problem without a solution."


Heart of Rachel said...

Jacob looks dashing in his tuxedo.

rommel said...

Nice photos - well worth the effort you went thru uploading them. It's always special if a boy gets the opportunity to serve as a ring bearer. Not every boy gets that chance, he must be well liked :-)

Napadaan lang po.

Princess said...

Thanks, Rachel and Rommel, for dropping by. Yes, Jacob is a very nice boy that's why when he was a baby there were so many who were volunteering to baby-sit him. Actually, hangga ngayon.
Thanks, again.