Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lemony Spring

What a refreshing scent.
I was washing breakfast dishes when my eyes lingered outside the kitchen. That's when I thought: "Hmmm, the backyard lawn needed some watering." I opened the door, put on an old pair of rubber shoes, unrolled the hose, and turned on the faucet. As I got closer to our lemon tree, I had to turn off the water so I could smell the lemon blossoms completely. I even heard a bee buzzing busily.

Spring has really come. While the flowers are announcing that there will be more lemons in the future, the branches laden with fruits are shouting "You don't have to wait. We are right here!"


Heart of Rachel said...

Lemons in your own backyard, how nice. I'm glad Spring has made its presence strongly felt. Enjoy.

BTW, if you have time, I tagged you again. :) It's a gratitude meme that I hope you will enjoy doing.

julie said...

I love the scent of lemon. Yes, so refreshing :)

Annamanila said...

Aah. another tribute to spring! Hmmm lemony scent is good to wake up to, take a walk with, sleep on. How you, Princess?

Princess said...

Thanks for enjoying Spring with me.
I'm quite OK, Anna. Thanks for asking.

KK aka Tina said...

Lovely lemons! I couldn't live without lemons :) Kakainggit that you have them in your own backyard!