Monday, March 03, 2008

Every Payment Is Worth an Investment

Owning a house is everyone's dream. You feel as if you have accomplished everything once you've signed on the dotted line and received the key to the house's front door. Then in your mind you start planning on how you will improve the house. You already have the palette of colors dancing in front of you. The fabrics, the accessories, the furniture. You think of nothing else but how you will make it your dream house.
Then you are suddenly jolted from your dream. The monthly bills now flash in front of you. Water and electricity bills. Property taxes. Property insurance. Hazard insurance, and the bulk of it all - the mortgage monthly bill. Wait, what about food. You need to eat, too, so you can work and earn to pay those bills, don't you?.
Buying a house can be daunting - from deciding when and where to buy, what style to choose, how many bedrooms and baths. And of course, deciding how much mortgage one can afford. is a site that offers free mortgage quotes and enables a buyer to figure out if, say, the house is within his price range. A first time buyer is first informed and then given the right to choose from among the different types of mortgages - whether a fixed rate mortgage or a variable mortgage would be to a buyer's advantage or not. Also explained is how interest rates are figured out.
A buyer is first made into an informed and educated consumer before he is asked to sign on the dotted line for his first mortgage because every payment he will make should be worth an investment.

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