Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hello, Are You There?

Every time my second son or his wife needs to use the phone in our place, their intro is always: "I'll use my card, mom." Thinking that either of them will use their credit card, I told them I won't mind them using the phone. After a few more calls, they asked me for my phone bill. I showed them and they said, it's better that they use their card, again. So, I got curious. What is in that card that they prefer it to using the phone directly when after all, I see them dialing so many numbers? They explained to me that they are using phone cards because they don't want to be tied into a contract, for example, not allowed to switch to another plan for a set number of months or years without having to pay beyond what they signed for. In other words, being penalized for using extra minutes, or paying late.
My son also added that it is a cheaper alternative to paying monthly bills with so many hidden costs added and that it is affordable for them because they only spend for the number of minutes that they actually use for their calls.
Listening to my son's and my daughter-in-law's explanation I started thinking: "Everything they said makes sense."
For questions about what type of calling cards to get visit this site, which also offers so many options to choose from including prepaid cards which, I think, will be a great help to a budget conscious person like me.

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