Saturday, March 01, 2008

Seems Like T'was Only Yesterday

I felt the urge to reminisce about our yesterday so I started pulling some old, old albums from the shelf. Thoughts flowed by when I came upon this picture.
It was Christmas morning of 1984 in Kano. Is it really that long ago? Patrick hurt his foot so he had to walk on crutches. This was Jet's first Christmas in Kano, Nigeria. Looking at this picture, it seems like it was only yesterday when they themselves were little kids and so excited to know what was inside those wrapped packages.
Today, they are still excited - excited to see what their own sons' reactions will be every time they open the gifts they give them.


Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing this sweet memory. I love looking at old photo albums and reminiscing about happy times.

princess said...

Oftentimes that's my therapy to get relief from the craziness around.