Monday, March 03, 2008

Pancit and Calamansi

Our calamansi tree bears fruit all year round. Even if we generously give to our neighbors and friends we are still left with so many that the rest just fall and rot on the ground.
The top picture shows Kirby and Hazel picking some fruits last summer. While they were enjoying clipping at each and every branch, Ed was preparing a dish of Pancit. His recipe is the miki-bihon type with bokchoy and sitsaro, carrots and chopped shallots. He also added some sliced and fried fish cake and tofu.
Eating Pancit will not be complete without a dipping sauce of calamansi and either soy sauce or fish sauce. Bob Apetit

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Heart of Rachel said...

Yohan also enjoys picking calamansi from our garden. He is also a pancit lover. :)