Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Host on the Web

I am still not very sure if I exactly understand the principle behind web hosting.
Since I started blogging, I've been always on the lookout for blogs that have pages that appeal to me. When I web-surf, I often find myself staying longer on a site simply because the colors seem right to me, or the layout is what I wish to have on my own site. Other things that attract me into a page are the way sidebars are designed or arranged. Drop downs are some of the things I wish I know how to incorporate into my page.
Kaushal Sheth from India, designs custom themes, for a nominal fee, for anyone who may be interested. He also creates Wordpress themes, some of which he took screen shots of and posted. While his posts are quite sporadic, as of his last post, he promises to make it more regular. His archive also contains tutorials on different facets of publishing and posting. One who visits his site won't get lost because his posts will link you to the origin of whatever he happens to be discussing about. As good as he is in his trade he is still on the lookout for the best web hosting sites and shares his list with the blogging world.


Easton Ellsworth said...

I've had Bluehost for several months now without any problems.

Anonymous said...

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