Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happiness is ..........

Been wanting to call Cita but somehow something would come up making me miss doing so. But today, I was in luck. Had all the time to make that call. It was nice to hear her voice, her cheerful voice. Said she's OK and that her children take turns in keeping her company. She jokingly asked if I would be willing to adopt her. Of course, with open arms, I assured her.
She inquired where Ed and I go to hear mass and if she could join us sometime. The only hitch is, she added, we had to pick her from her place. We'd be very glad to, I said.
It was so nice to hear her laughing. After all, she just lost her husband, Dion (or Boy as we fondly called him), a month ago almost to this day. Actually, I am very happy.

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