Thursday, March 13, 2008

Neither Hot nor Cold

Getting additional years in your life is not an asset, that much I know now and it was confirmed for me today.
When my kids were young, and they requested something, I remembered. If I forgot to do as they requested, one kiss would make everything OK. Now that I am much much older, remembering things get harder, my children get older and can't get off their minds that I forgot. Lester and Mylynn are in the height of their pursuit of a side career - getting licensed to be insurance agents. Naturally, they have to divide between themselves those they commonally know for their clients, including me. Mylynn, maybe, asked me once if I wanted to get additional insurance. I may have said no, or yes, she didn't repeat the question until I forgot about her having asked me completely. Lester, on the other hand collected some data from me and hinted that he might be elevated to the next rank if I would sign on some dotted lines. I did.
Now, can you guess what happened?

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Heart of Rachel said...

Good luck to Lester and Mylynn on their side careers. Hope signing for one did not cause any conflict.