Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Place to Hide

"Hurry up," my eldest son told his wife. "Hide this somewhere before the guests arrive." That was always the scenario every time we were expecting visitors or guests. Where and how to hide things that keep piling up so fast. If you're like my husband, this problem is not new to you. Hubby loves to buy and keep. Old ones, new ones, you name it he buys it. My sons call him a junkie. And 99% of those he brings home is just that - in the home. He just loves and enjoys what he does. He tries to keep his accumulations away but they have gotten to a point where there is no more extra space left to hold the rest anymore. We have used every empty space available. From under every bed to the crawl space between the ceiling and roof of our garage. We've tried renting a room in a storage building but we feel like we're throwing the rent money into the wind just like that. My sons came up with a solution. Every time they stop by, they will take a look at the piles of boxes, pick one box, and if their dad's not around, take that one box away to I don't know where. And to tell you honestly, I don't want to know. But as often as my sons take away boxes, that's also as often as hubby brings in his "treasures". I simply see no end in the cycle. I am seriously thinking of getting one of those concrete garages. They come in different sizes and styles. Parts like walls, ceilings and doors are made from very durable materials like fibre cement, stainless steel and wood, just to name a few. And maintenance is almost nothing. You can even custom design your own. Mix and match the various alternative design options that Lidget Concrete Garages offer and you can have your dream storage, or workshop, space!

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