Saturday, January 19, 2008

Welcome to Dreamland

The rain stopped. I could still feel the soft wind passing through the screen of our open window. I've just finished watching my favorite TV show and have selected what I would wear for work, so off to the bedroom I went all the while thinking that I had to get up early so I won't get caught in the morning traffic. Oh, it felt so nice to get under the satiny sheets. The temperature was perfect. I turned off the lights and closed my eyes.
I thought I was dreaming when I felt like I was rolling off the bed! But no, I wasn't. My hubby was getting on the bed and his weight was pulling down the mattress on his side! He had been always careful not to wake me up but last night I was a little more sensitive. Could it be because of the rain?
That's when I thought of the sleep number beds. These are beds that have Digital Numeric Inflation System. One simply pushes a button to one's desired number to set one's side of the mattress to a desired softness or firmness, thus, diminishing the uncomfortable wavy feeling one gets everytime one of the couples moves. Another positive thing about the system is the back support one gets all through the night. And most of all, the comfort a perfectly firmed mattress can definitely give.
Since Valentine's Day is approaching, maybe I can drop my hubby a hint. What do you think?

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Annamanila said...

Is this a pp post? hahaha but i like that product. That should send a lot of slumberers to dreamland fast. You think i can get it here in pinas? Congrats and lots of luck on your problogging phase.