Friday, January 18, 2008

9th Graders

This is the first intersession class I've ever handled where 90% of my students are 9th graders. Even during the regular semesters, I've always had more upper graders. So, naturally, after all what I've heard from my colleagues, I was apprehensive coming to my first meeting. Oh, yeah, even with my teaching years behind me, I still do feel that way. But to my surprise, my 9th graders are little darlings. There is David who never fails to show me his Rubik ingenuity, Giovanna - her athletic muscles, Abiud - his big brother attitude and Byron - his "Please, Ms., I will do anything just don't mark me tardy, please!" exclamation! (Is that redundant?)
Today they had their second quiz and first laboratory activity and almost everybody showed me how he wants me to keep him in my class the rest of the session. ( All students are aware that, during intersession, if one misbehaves he can be told to leave the class with an F U U, no questions asked.
I think I will have an interesting 4 weeks ahead of me.

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Nancze said...

Hi Princess, thanks for the visit. I am dealing with quite a bit of pain, but am trying my best to keep going. I may not visit much, as it's hard to sit here at the computer for to long, but wanted you to know I miss you and wish you well. Great success with the PPPost program my friend. And this new look is great! I love the 3 col. layout's. Love and ~hugs~