Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jacob, you're tagged!

Jacob, my five-and-a-half-year-old grandson, was tagged by Yohan, Rachel's fantastic son, to do a meme on 8 Random Things About Me.
Here are those 8 according to Jacob's daddy and me:
1. Jacob is a loyal son. Ask him who is pogi (handsome) and it is his dad, and nobody else. Ask him who is maganda (beautiful) and it is his mom, no one else, not even me.
2. Jacob is a good reader. He always gets a star from his teacher for finishing his reading assignment and he loves going to bookstores and libraries.
3. Jacob is a protective Big Brother to Joshua.

4. Jacob is a handsome boy. Anyone who says otherwise better watch out!
5. Jacob lost his two front teeth and Santa hasn't found a replacement yet.
6. Jacob thought peeing in the bush is acceptable. There was a time when his mom had to go to Palmdale for a special class and while cruising down the desert road, he decided he wanted to pee. His dad, finding no recourse, stopped the car and guided him to do his thing by the shrubs. It took his teacher to convince him otherwise.
7. Jacob knows that at Grannie's house, he can do anything, anything at all! (His writings on the walls are still there).
8. Jacob is a linguist. He can say numbers, colors and a sprinkling of some often heard words, in Tagalog, Spanish, and English.
Thanks to the wonder of CDs, DVDs, television, and bilingual households!

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Heart of Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing all these interesting things about Jacob.

I admire his loyalty. *wink*

It's great that he is excelling in reading. Yohan is still learning to read and hopefully he will develop it more as he enters kinder garden.

Jacob is handsome... it runs in the family. :)

Yohan also knows how to count in English and Spanish. He also knows some colors and basic Spanish words. He learned it from Dora the Explorer. I should teach him to count in Filipino too.