Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Patience and more patience

It really pays to be patient, or so I thought. I wanted some of my paragraphs to be indented but I never could, so I called on Kirby for help. We tried all possibilities but nothing was happening. Until I remember seeing Lester using an HTML book when he was still in school. Kirby and I started leafing thru the pages and we almost danced with joy when we found the solution. But we're confronted with a new problem now: the font changes with the indentation! But the year won't be over soon. We still have time to figure it out before the next New Year!


Heart of Rachel said...

HTML is very interesting. I also have to learn more about it. I'll try to find out more about indention and let you know when I do.

Grammie said...

Hi Princess...thanks for stopping by my blog and congratulations on your good news!!!!

Happy, Healthy, and Peaceful New Year to you and your family!!

: )

princess said...

So great to "read" from you again, Grammie!

Rachel, thanks for always finding time to aid me.