Friday, January 18, 2008

I signed up with PPP

Every time I visit a blog my eyes are always pulled toward the "PayPerPost (PPP) logo (whenever a site had one)and I would start reading the quote inside: "Get paid to blog about the things you love." Of course, the make money or "get paid" part was a great incentive but for a whole year I kept postponing joining because I didn't think I can "write" about anything that anyone would be willing to pay for. (Yes, you guessed it right. I am that insecure!). Then I took a vacation and spent some time with my niece-in-law, Rachel (of My Soulful Thoughts). The topic about blogging came up and told me a blogging friend was encouraging her to start getting paid for her posts. She said she was seriously thinking about it. My vacation ended and I didn't give PPP any more thought.
On New Year's day I was thinking of a resolution that I could really follow or do and I saw the PPP logo and quote again. I told myself: "Why not!"
My blog got accepted right away. I was ecstatic, to say the least. Because my computer IQ is rather low, I thought I was making a mistake every time my PPP tool was rejected. I contacted the Help Center and at once they sent me their reasons as to why it was happening and told me to keep on trying. After a few days I started seeing opportunities on my account.
My heart was pumping hard as I was writing my first post. What if it got rejected? Well, to my horror it was rejected! Why? Because I forgot an important item on my blog - the Disclosure Policy! Thing of all things! (Didn't I tell you I have a low computer IQ?)
After I corrected my shortsightedness and re-sent my post, it didn't take a whole day for "PPP to accept and approve my very first post. I thought that was very nice and professional of them and I thank you, "PayPerPost . I thought that was a sure sign that you will stand behind whoever signs up with you. I hope to gain more confidence with my writing and be successful with this blogging adventure of mine. If and when I get my first million bucks, then I can plan on what to do with it (chuckle).
Signing up with PPP , I know, will be a great blogging experience for me.

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Heart of Rachel said...

Sorry I wasn't able to tell you about the DP, it totally skipped my mind but glad you were able to sort things out.

Hope you'll get lots of writing opportunities. Good luck!