Monday, January 07, 2008

Senior Matters

Are you ready to get old? What a silly question, right? But, are you? And if you already are one who others may count as "old" are you happy?
Just what does it mean to be old? For me, old means having existed on earth longer than others but still being able to do what one wants to do; or, one who has seniority over others. I may be old and retired, from work, that is, but if I can still pursue things that I dreamt of doing when I was much younger, then I still consider myself young.
When I retire I want to be able to find a place where I can exist among my peers so I will have that sense of belonging. Well, if we are of the same generation we can easily relate to the events of our time, can't we?
I would like to be able to find a place where I will feel safe and cared for as I continue my independence; a place where I can engage my mind with challenging thoughts as I discuss issues with people around me and beyond, say, the blogosphere; a place where I can grow with technology. My brain may be slow but it can still help me absorb matters to learn.
I want to be in a place where there are knowledgeable persons or professionals I can ask questions about my health care needs or health care needs of any one in my family, for that matter; a place where I can invite and still be in touch, or laugh and play with my loved ones. If and when I need one such place, care homes like these will be great to be OLD in.


KK aka Tina said...

Nicely said Princess and very convincing too ;).

princess said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Tina.