Monday, January 21, 2008

Jacob's Journal

To encourage Jacob to read and write I bought him books appropriate for his age. I also bought a neat looking notebook, still in its original plastic wrap, that I happened to find during one of my exploratory trips to a nearby thriftstore. He now knows that every time he comes over he has to read a page or two from a book and he has to also write on a page or two of his notebook before he can be allowed to watch his favorite TV show.
Yesterday, as he was writing, his mom came and urged him to write "I am a good boy." No amount of prodding could make him write "good" saying he wanted to be a bad boy.
When Jacob's dad was about Jacob's age, hubby and I would have to tell the dad the opposite of anything we wanted the dad to do if we wanted to have peace and quiet around.
Jacob is his father's son, therefore, I rest my case.


Heart of Rachel said...

I experienced something similar with Yohan. Boys have an amusing way of insisting what they have in mind.

Jacob has a lovely penmanship. I think it's wonderful that you encourage him to write in his journal.

princess said...

Is that what you call "machoism"?

Thanks, Rachel. If that's the only thing he'll remember about his grannie, OK na sa akin.