Thursday, January 03, 2008

Custom Made from

Do you want to cuddle up with your beloved someone for as long as you want? And I mean really cuddle up? Well you can, and I assure you can cuddle all through the night and even extend it through the day under the warmth of a custom made vision bedding blanket from If you are just like me then you have hundreds and hundreds of pictures of your sons, daughters, grandchildren, even of nephews, nieces, and friends, accumulating in your albums or shoe boxes. Did I forget your pets? You can put together pictures that hold those memorable moments in your life and create a template that you can customize to fit and get printed into a blanket, a throw, or a sham, a pillow or pet bed. You can even add your own messages and color combinations to come up with that perfect photo bedding. And the prices are affordable. For a truly unique personalized item that you can have for your own or, if you prefer, give as a gift to someone you care for, this is a winner!
The weather man just made a forecast that there is a 50% chance of rain these coming two days. It may even extend up to three. That means cool days and nights. I want to gear up for the weather. It will be doubly warm if I could get under a custom bedding, like a blanket or pillow (see picture) , won't you agree?


Heart of Rachel said...

I like the photo bedding. Perfect gift for any occasion.

princess said...

I totally agree, Rachel! Writing this was fun, if I may add!