Saturday, January 05, 2008

Jacob With His Logic

Jacob and I spent a few hours together yesterday afternoon. As expected, he requested that I turn on the TV to his favorite cartoon station. While I was warming up some spaghetti for him he called and told me something. At first I thought he said "first rated" so I told him to repeat.
"You know, Grannie, I am frustrated!"
Wow, that's a big word, I thought to myself, and it was the first time I heard it from him. So I asked him,
"Why? Why are you frustrated?"
"I am frustrated because I can't make my car roll."
All that I could say was "Oh!"
Then he added: "I better take a deep breath and think!" as he pointed to his temple.
He went back to watching while I went back to the spaghetti. After a few minutes, I asked him how he was and this was the rest of our Grannie to grandson heart to heart conversation:
"I am bored, Grannie."
"Why?" I asked.
"You know, boring means you are tired and I am tired so I am bored."
Now I ask you - can you dispute that logic?


Heart of Rachel said...

I love Jacob's way of reasoning. Such a smart child.

I also get surprised when I hear Yohan use new and somehow advanced words. Every new word is like a vocabulary milestone.

julie said...

We really learn a lot from children and sometimes they catch us by surprise with their words and actions.

Love it,Jacob! :)

Hope you are not bored any more.

princess said...

I think we are now in agreement that kids are the best teachers, right Rachel and Julie?

baby advice said...

What a smart kid