Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shop and Save

How often have you bought something only to find out, after reaching home, that someone you know have bought the very same thing for a much lower price? Impulsive buyer like I am, it had happened to me so many times before and the experience would give me sleepless nights. Why didn't I canvass first? Why did I have to buy from the first store I went to? Why didn't I ask so and so where or how much he or she bought that computer which is very much like mine? Questions that could be enough to give anyone nightmares.

Looking back, it could be the lack of time on my part. As soon as I am done with work all that I have in mind is how soon I can reach home and take my much awaited rest. I am not much of a mall goer either so the fastest I can go in and out of a store the better. But my shopping ways may change.

Recently, my daughter-in-law and I had been wishing for our own laptops . At I can go to hundreds of different shops in a few minutes and compare prices of several items, say, a computer-hardware or a laptop or anything I have been dreaming of. And they have lots of categories to choose from.
Another good thing about this site is the fact that I can indicate how much I am willing to pay for an item and if a matching price is found I will be notified. That means I can stay within my budget.

Now, why don't you start looking for that dream laptop from Savebuckets and start saving.


Heart of Rachel said...

Hope you get your dream laptop soon.

Here's a tag: Spreading Some Love meme that can help you increase rankings for more moolah. :) Hope you can do it whenever you have time to spare. Thanks.

princess said...

Pinagsabay ko na ang post ko for Julie and you, Rachel. Hope the moolah comes pouring in (hahahahah)