Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sincerely, From Gloria

My friend, Gloria is one who wouldn't give a gift wrapped alone. She has to find, by all means, a fitting card to go with it. She will spend hours and hours inside a store until she finds the "right" one. And she does not go by the cover alone. The words inside the card must also be up to her standards. Often times I wish I am as meticulous as she is.
This year, for my birthday, this is what her card says:
You're a Treasured Friend

A friendship like ours
gives life a sweet sense of continuity.
Our relationship combines the past and future
in a way that is natural, comfortable....reassuring.
And while other friends,
new friends,
see the me that I've become,
you know the me
I've always been,
just as I know the history
you grew from,
the stories that shaped you.
In this world of change,
it is a rare thing,
a precious thing,
to know and be known so well.
A friendship like ours, is something to cherish.
And I want you to know
I do.

Happy birthday, dear friend.

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