Saturday, May 05, 2007

Nice to be Back !!!

These are some of the few flowers that greet me everyday from my kitchen window. They somehow help me stay sane this past week!
For almost a week now technical difficulties in my computer kept me away from blogging. Sad to say I only know how to hit on those keys that are self-explanatory.
I called my son who installed everything for me but his calendar is full so I was left with no choice but to consult with him via e-mail or phone! He asked me what exactly was my problem so I told him "I can't use my computer! Just come, will you please?!?"
Three days ago, he instructed me to open AdAware. I did but instead the Google pack appeared! I tried my luck again only to find out that not only could I not upload pictures, this time I couldn't even read my e-mails!!! I tried to uninstall the pack, tinkered with some Verizon/Yahoo buttons and voila!! the message box for my e-mails re-appeared. I opened my blog but the old problem's still there. Had to call Lester again. This time, he told me to unplug everything connected to my computer, wait for about 3 minutes then plug everything back in. I did. So, here I am. What a nice feeling!!!


Heart of Rachel said...

Yehey! I'm glad all the settings have been restored.

Now, I'm so scared to tinker with my computer because Kirby is not anymore a few minutes away. He is my knight in shining armour when it comes to computer problems. ha!ha! I can still consult him online but it's not the same.

Heart of Rachel said...

Oops, I was so glad you're back, I totally forgot to comment about those pictures.

Magnificent photos! What's your camera? Is it a professional one?

Yvonne Russell said...

Beautiful flowers and beautiful photos. Good to see you back after your enforced blog vacation.